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Country: United States
History: 1984 – 1993
Status: Inactive
Style: Speed/Thrash/Hard Rock


Emerging from the early 80’s heavy metal scene in the New York Tri-State area, the all-female, all-metal band Missdemeanor was forged by bassist Jacki Lombardo and guitarist Linda McSherry, born in the early part of 1983. While very few female musicians were on the scene at the infamous L’Amour Rock Capital of Brooklyn, the girls were cutting their teeth on Sabbath, Maiden, Priest, the NWOBHM as well as embracing the onslaught of thrash and speed metal. Never willing to be part of the lace-clad female groupie crowd, the two women spent most days and nights creating songs of “doom and gloom” in the confines of their bedrooms, ready to unleash them as soon as the band was complete.

After a few frustrating years of seeking out other female musicians, the first line-up of the band was intact with the addition of drummer JoJo Lori and lead vocalist Cat Coleman, who both hailed from the neighboring state of New Jersey. For a brief while, the band included second guitarist Melinda Whitley, a lively (and loud) Texan residing in Brooklyn, NY. The band name coincided with Melinda’s reverence for Michael Schenker, and was a nod to UFO. Soon thereafter, Melinda departed the group but the name lived on.

Bursting out with their first gig at the world-famous CBGBs in New York City in early 1986, the next few years were a constant stream of gigs at local clubs and more notorious venues such as L’Amour, Nirvana Club One (Times Square) and the Cat Club. But gaining a reputation as “the chicks with testicular fortitude” did not prevent the band from having to constantly share the bill with other female bands of the day, even though the musical styles were vastly different. Half of the crowds who came out expecting to hear sweet songs of heartbreak ended up doing inverted stage backflips into the mosh pit instead. Unfortunately, a chauvinistic attitude toward women in metal was still an epidemic in the 80s, and as a result the band was under constant pressure by potential management interests to “lighten the format” and remove a few more articles of clothing.

In early 1988, bassist Jacki left the band, citing “an unwillingness to relent to a more commercially viable sound” as the main reason. Her departure was immediately followed by vocalist Cat for the same reasons, becoming the first of several personnel changes which would affect the band over the next few years. Jacki continued on, studying under the tutelage of bass virtuoso Percy Jones (Brand X) while Cat continued on to a successful literary career.

After the split, guitarist Linda and drummer JoJo continued the project, which had seen the come and go of several members. Initially, after some introspection, the band opted for a more traditional hard rock sound, and enjoyed the next number of years of popularity and recognition for being an accomplished and tight unit. Filling the open slots initially were Yvonne Parenteau on bass, and singer Chris Crash. Upon Yvonne’s departure, Sandy Tyler was brought in on bass for a short time until ultimately the bass slot was filled by Jeddie Jones, a long time friend of Linda’s, and new lead singer Jackie Cerone. This inception of the band remained on the music scene for years to follow, touring briefly and coming close to a solid record deal with CNR before departing as friends in the mid-90s.

The original line-up of the band left a notorious 4-song demo as its legacy, which is still sought after by fans after 2+ decades. Most members of Missdemeanor, original and follow-up, are still active on the local music scene, with the exception of Cat Coleman, who succumbed to a longterm illness in 2007.

Original lineup

Jacki Lombardo – Bass
Linda McSherry – Guitar
JoJo Lori – Drums
Cat Coleman – Vocals

Latest lineup

Linda McSherry – Guitar
JoJo Lori – Drums
Jeddie Jones – Bass
Jackie Cerone – Vocals

Former members

Melinda Whitley – Guitar
Yvonne Parenteau – Bass
Chris Crash – Vocals
Sandy Tyler – Bass

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