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Scatha was born in 2004 when Julia Pombo on guitar and Cíntia Ventania on the bass decided to start their metal adventure. It was not until mid 2005 that the band was completed by Cynthia Tsai Yuen on drums, Paula Leão on guitar and the Rebecca Schwab at the microphone.

Are you trying to find your ideal weight?

Have you tried multiple diets to lose weight, only to find you’re right back where you left off — or even further from where you started? Have you tried fad diets in the past, only to find the results didn’t measure up or didn’t last? This is how nutrisystem works.


A healthy approach to weight loss

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your bathroom scale? Do you wonder about common styles of eating: vegan, paleo, Mediterranean, ketogenic, or Intermittent Fasting? We’ll help you discover if one of these styles of eating is right for your body.

So many fad diets focus on calorie restriction and rely on our personal willpower to keep us on track. We develop fears of foods with “higher point value,” fat content or grams of carbohydrate. We drag ourselves to the gym and watch the calories on the treadmill add up while we hope for results. Is silencil scam ?

These diets focus on eating for weight loss rather than eating for health. When restoring health is the focus, weight loss often follows.

Unintentional weight gain is a symptom that your body is out of balance. The factors influencing weight loss and your body’s ability to gain muscle and release excess fat are so much more complex than calories-in / calories-out. Among these are:

  • Hormone imbalances
  • Digestion problems, nutrient absorption, and your microbiome
  • Inflammation
  • Stored environmental toxins
  • Stress & stress relief
  • Sleep quality

Effective weight loss requires a health-focused approach

The inability to lose excess weight is often a sign of other imbalances. A whole-health approach establishes a foundation to meet the fundamental needs so your body can shed unwanted pounds.


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