Tuesday , 6 June 2023

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Jade Jean

New Zealand Thrash Metal


  1. OOOO ke thrasheraaaa
    ademas escucha buenisimas bandas
    agent steel gran banda mi tema favorito de ellos es chosen to stay
    mu buenas bandas escuchas
    ya saludos compañera del thrash
    siga thrasheando hasta la muerte como dicen por ahi


    cuidate saludos from santiago de chile

  2. uuuu sorry i wrote to you in spanish lol
    that version of hangar 18 i never hearded
    uufff mi english y so bad lol
    well good bye lady thrasher

    swords of steel – hirax


    you’re so beauty


  3. Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying? is my favorite album from Megadeth and Persecution Mania and Agent Orange from Sodom. You are so pretty =)cant take my eyes over you.

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