Monday , 22 July 2024
Sabrina Sabrok


Your favorite Metal Style
Any metal mixed with electronic sounds

Your Bands TOP 5
Rob Zombie, Metallica, ACDC, KMFDM, Rammstein

Male Musician most appreciated
Rob Zombie

Female Musician most appreciated
Alaska from Fangoria (Spain)

Song always playing in your headphones
Back in Black

Best concert you’ve been to
I’m not used to attend shows, because I’m a public person. You know, it’s very difficult.

Favourite Food

Favourite Drink
Orange juice

The person or thing that you couldn’t live without
My 4 year old daughter and my boyfriend

Your life goals
Keep working and travel all over the World

My work

Write a message to the readers
I invite everybody to visit my sites: Sabrina Sabrok official, Sabrina Sabrok Rock Band,
Sabrina Sabrok Music, Sabrina Sabrok exclusive page, Sabrina Sabrok at Bandcamp, Sabrina Sabrok at Facebook, Sabrina Sabrok at Twitter

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  1. When I found this website there all those articles about awesome female bands like Area 7 or Nervosa talking about their music and their background, etc. I love those articles. This one sadly puts is really a downer, it really looks like an ad for a porn-site. The music isn’t bad but the whole porn thing is not really necessary.

  2. This music is truly lame. Obviously all her talent was pumped into her chest in the form of plastic boob bags or saline injections. This has nothing to do with music, and she has no singing capability whatsoever. Why didn’t she just pursue an honest career choice as a stripper, hooker or pornstar. That is apparently where her interests lie. Please leave the music to the musicians, and we will leave the fake tits, crappy tattoos and whoring to you Sabrina whatever-your-name-is…you and all those other no-talent bimbos with implants where their talent and intelligence should have been, but never were or will ever be. Please take note Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj, etc, etc.

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