Friday , 23 April 2021
Melissa Manson

Melissa Manson


Your favorite Metal Style
Industrial, heavy, death, and classical metal

Your Bands TOP 5
(in no order) Mudvayne, Marilyn Manson, Coal Chamber, System of a Down, The Doors

Male Musician most appreciated
Jim Morrison. As a writer myself, he completely showed me a whole new world to the art of writing and poetry. I have grown so much as an artist because of him. I can’t imagine where I would be if I didn’t know of Jim.

Female Musician most appreciated
Linda Perry. She’s absolutely outrageous, and THAT VOICE gives me shivers every time. Plus she is very mesmerizing to watch while she performs.

Song always playing in your headphones
Cherry Pie, Warrant

Best concert you’ve been to
Hate concerts due to people touching me and getting in my bubble.

Favourite Food
Sour Candy and McDonalds

Favourite Drink
Lemonade, or anything sparkling

The person or thing that you couldn’t live without
My husband, without a doubt

Your life goals
To save as many animals as I can. I plan on becoming an animal behaviourlist.

ANYTHING to do with art. I make “Fairy Creations” that are sold on my website. I make clothes, jewelery, costumes, wigs, synthetic dreads, anything and everything! I also write, and “rap” my lyrics.

Write a message to the readers
Never give a fuck what people think. Life is too short. Always remember that everyday is dress up!

Follow my Youtube Channel for all my makeup tutorials, upcycling tutorials, my lyrics, and crafting!

For more videos, things and odd random thoughts, join me! Facebook:, my site:


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