Friday , 1 March 2024
Black Metal Costa Rica

Your favourite Metal Style
Black Metal
Your Bands TOP 5
Inactive Messiah, Catamenia, Satyricon, Hermh, Agathodaimon
Male Musician most apreciated
King from Gorgoroth
Female Musician most apreciated
The girls from Gallhammer
Song always playing in your headphones
Fear of Blood by Hermh
Best concert you’ve been to
Amon Amarth
Favourite Food
Pizza, Chocolate
Favourite Drink
Ice Tea or Rum
Your hobbies
Edit pics, play soccer, listen music, go to gigs, hang out with my friends, take pics XD
Write a message to the readers
Hails everybody!! Keep supporting ladies on metal because we kick ass and we deserve to be known ;D Party hard!!!

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  1. I like this.

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